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Thank you for reading and honoring these policies.  You must sign this form prior to receiving massage therapy.


  1. Clients are expected to arrive clean.

  2. Clients may not be intoxicated in any way.

  3. Clients may not have any odors or aromas that may offend or interfere with the hygienic conditions of the studio. Odors include, but are not limited to, heavy perfumes, body odor, marijuana, cigarette smoke and other neurotoxins.

  4.  Non Sexual Massage Therapy:  Your massage therapist is providing professional massage therapy which is non sexual.  If any client demonstrates any kind of inappropriate behavior, or initiates any inappropriate conversation or gestures toward the therapists, this will be considered sexual harassment and the massage will end immediately, full payment will be due, and the perpetrator will not be able to come back to the clinic in the future.

  5.  All conversations and personal information will be held by the Studio in the strictest of confidence.

  6.  Any advice given to you is only advice and not a medical diagnosis.

  7.  If during your massage a symptom is discovered that massage is not suited to help with, you will be referred to an appropriate professional.

  8.  Please communicate with your professional therapist whatever needs to be modified to improve your massage; be it temperature of the room, music selection or volume, area being addressed, depth or pace of massage, or if you would like to talk or be silent.  Our goal is for you to be happy with your experience, so feel free to talk to your therapist.

  9.  As there are many reactions that can arise out of receiving deeper bodywork, your therapist will educate you to the best of their ability so you know what you can expect during and after a massage.

  10.  If you are sick with an infection of any kind, please call and reschedule your massage.

  11. Your privacy will be honored at all times.  You will have the room to yourself while disrobing and getting dressed.  During your massage, you will always be covered with a drape.  Only the area being addressed will be temporarily uncovered.  Clothing under the drape is optional and your decision to make.  Your professional therapist will discuss your preferences at your initial consultation.  If you are not bashful, please be respectful to the therapist, and remain under the drape at all times during your massage.

  12. If you are late, your massage may be cut short so that the therapist may remain on schedule.

  13. Cancellation Policy - 24 hours notice

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